Chicken Wings Stew with Potato

Before I made this video, it took me a long time to think about what I should film for my first cooking video. I decided to cook this dish last week when I suddenly realized that last week is Chinese National College Entrance Examination week. Nine years ago, I was also a student who was going to take this exam. It just reminds me of the unforgettable experience during that period.

In the last three months before the exam, my mom came to accompany and look after me in a small apartment. Every day, she learned a new dish from the TV and cooked for me to make sure that I have a balanced diet. The Chicken Wings Stew with Potato was the one she cooked very often, and I loved the most. To be honest, she is not very good at cooking, compared with my dad, who is an expert at cooking. Precisely because of this, what my mom did for me makes this dish more special and meaningful to me.

Hopefully, you are willing to have a try after watching this video. Please let me know if you like this dish or not.


《Chicken Wings Stew with Potato》有2个想法


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