About Me

If you have passion for cooking, you are absolutely in the right place; if not, you will find how cooking can brighten your solo living.

— Do you believe the mysterious power of delicious food?

— Yes, I do.

No matter how many miserable moments I had in my life, as long as I could still have some food from home, I will be fully charged and given courage to keep fighting.


My name is Lei. Five years ago, I left home and came alone to live in Canada. From then, kitchen is not only a place for cooking a dinner for me, but the last shelter and Doraemon’s Random Door that bonds me with home.

In here, I will show you my cooking videos produced by myself, sharing my favorite food and trying new recipes. If you would like to have a try after watching my videos, you are welcome to share the picture of the food you made in comments.

You might think is this blog only about food and cooking? No, definitely not. Cooking is just the first step to improve the quality of my life and increase happiness levels. Besides, there are many other things we could do to color solo living. For example, books and movies fulfill my spiritual life from another layer, so you can also read my thoughts from my book or movie review posts.

“One Time One Meeting” means only once encounter in a life. I am elaborately prepared for this meeting, my friend.